About me

I am a certified naturopath since 1995.

When I was young, I was very intuitive and experienced a lot of telepathy. In my teens I also had many premonitions, some of which were not always happy situations. Already at this age, I was fascinated by past lives and spirituality.

Although I was working as a medical secretary, the course of life brought me into another direction ( Director of credit ) to give me the means to provide for my two children and myself. Even at that time, I already knew that I would eventually be working in the field of alternative medicine. You could say I was a little ahead of my time, in the sense that even then I was ordering books from California that were unavailable here at that time and was also taking alternatives courses in Toronto that did not yet exist here.
You could say that I was a little bit **flyé**.

Since 1995, I have always taken courses to be able to apply new methods to help my customers. My goal was always and still is now to help the people, to give them new tools for a better well being.

I am constantly searching for other tools and methods to help improve my customers lives.


Professional Experiences

2005 to now: teaching  kinesiology of reprogramming

2005-06 teaching EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

2008-2015 teaching les Essences du Dr. Bach

2015 teaching M4D



1995 diplômé narutothérapeute L’ordre des Natirothérapeutes du Québec

2005 certification en EFT avec Gary Craig Californie U.S.A.

2013 patricienne NERTI (Nettoyage Émotionnel Rapide de Traumatismes inconscients)

2014 diploma de Praticienne en Hypnothérapie E.P.H.Q.

École de formation professionnelle en hypnotisme du Quebec.

2014 Registered Practionner Bio-Kinetics avec l’institut Newsum en Californie

2017 diplloma Maître PNL (Programmation Neuro Linguistique)

Odette Galvani

2018 Certification Soul Realignment Arizona U.S.A.

many other courses and conferences with Hay House U.S.A.


Associations Ritma ( Association des naturopathes Ritma )



Hélène Campbell

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