Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Record holds infinite information, and  inspiration, that has been recorded since the creation of your soul and is there  for you to access.   It is like a big library that holds the truth of your soul through all times, dimensions and planes.  Every thought, word and action is recorded in your Akashic Record, and accessing  this information  can help change and improve  your life.

 Accessing your Akashic Record provides you the opportunity to evolve through the specific lessons and themes of our karmic path. The lessons that have and will be learned, your divine gifts and talents, are recorded information that is  beyond our limited human understanding. 

When we go into the Akashic Records, it can help us to realign ourselves in this life with  information from past  lives, and also helps us recognize the sources of some of our problems, issues, and goals that we are still dealing with today.   It  also gives you the ability to shift present patterns in order to bring resolutions to situations  you have been  wanting to change for a long time. By shifting our thoughts and actions it can improve our quality of life now and in the future.

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